Oakville Express and Halton County Advertiser, 18 Jul 1879, p. 3

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The Oakville Express. TOWN AND COUNTY. Dipn’r come a-miss ; that boy baby. No quorum at the council on Monday evening. Onze way to “get out of a scrape,” let your beard grow. Firry cess will pay for Tau Expruss to Jan. Ist, 1879. Cornnars and neckties, new styles, at John A. Williams. Mr. Tso’s. Parrmrson is prepared for the rush for thin wear ab this season of the year. Ir seems that a perscn is compelled to take copper cvin to the extent of 25 cents in payment of a debt. Mr. Wu. M4rrry has the pleasure of looking over a three acre lot of the finest prospective crop of potatoes in this vi- emity. eS Frep offers a reward for the arrest of the person surreptitiously introduced a hornet’s nest into the grab bag: Mr. W. HE. Hacaman spent. several days at home during the past week, away from his business at Ridgetown. No marrer how great a philosopher a man may be, he can nevér withstand the temptation to kick an empty oyster- ean. : {ux faithful earth is not a tiggard friend ; but pays with ample interest, — what we lend. And proves its credit good. STRAWBERRINS are now over in this ‘icinity. We hear it estimated that during the season about 200 tens were shipped. AN editor wrote at sume length upon The Future of Hog Raising, and the rival paper advised him not to be so sol- icitous regarding his descendaitts. Tne Credit Valley Railway Co:, is ad-} vertising for 200 men t0 do ballasting and tracklaying at Milton and Brampton, —wages one dollar and steady work. Fripay last, 11th, we had a heavy fog, and a heavy rain,—instead, of what the Adveritists had looked for,—a final winding up of all sublunary things, and the ushering-in ef a new era. Frownr thieves are committing their ‘depradation imvarious parts of the town. One yard of King-st., was despoited of some of tts chviéést plants the other night. : A pretty and well-dressed young lady, after looking at séveral pairs of lavender- colored gloves at Mac’s lately; shocked Stewart by asking himt whieh pair he thought the lavenderest: wanted, awd for which the highest mar- ket rates will be paid by W. G. Hew- ~ gon. Iz is proposed to run a cable across the Americar Falls, at Niagara, and sus- pend a car front it, from which one may be lowered perpendicularly up and down directly in front of the middle of the cat- avact, and close to it. Tre L. O. L., No 272, was disdusted on Saturday last; by having withix their ranks, that ‘‘scalawag,” with a borrowed regalia. He is not a member of the or- der at Oakville, nor anywhere else as to that matter,—nor could he be, until he has a better name er standing. Mr. Cuas. B. Dortann, dentist at Orangeville, is spending this week at the office of Mr. J. Y, Dorland of this town. Charles has many friends at Oakville, who would be anxious to Have him re- main here. Tur Twentieth Battalién will go to Toronto in the fall te put a the annual twelve days’ drill. Co. No 1, Gaikville, €apt. R. B. Albertson, will commence to brighten ap. SarLors are reported scarce at Detroit, and at a meeting on Monday they deter- “mined te put wages up to $1.25 a day— just as soon as shippers pay 20 om wheat to Buffalo. Rev. JosupH Winp, D. D., pastor of the Union Congregational Church, Brooklyn, N. Y., is rusticating for three months at his fine farm near Bronte. The doctor will remain until the 15th of Septembér, when he will leave for Brooklyn to perform his duties. A sarpnr of considerable experience ounce said, that one out of twenty of his best customers always refuse to be pow- dered after a shave. Now is it not time to let up on’ the cry against the ladies who use the same toilet article and for about the same purpose that gentlemen do, namely, to keep their faces fronY chapping, or to seften the skin after bathing. TRAVELLERS, tourists, and others who’ are changing their diet and water fre- quently, should always have a supply of Dr. Fowler’s Extract of Wild Strawberry with them. Itis the great specific for stimmer complaints, and, by its low price, is placed within the reach of all. By its timely use the serious results of dysentery and asiatic cholera may be averted, and itis an admirable curative agent iu sour stomach, colic, cramps, sea-siccness, vomiting, and other irrita- tions of the stomach and bewels. The extract exhibits its most efficacious, spe- cific, and salutary effect upon children, who are prone to suffer when teething. Celic, diarrhea, and other fluxes of the Bowels yield to its influence at oitce. Harvest Guroves—a large stock and prime article; at J. A. Williams’. Tue old maxim that ‘man proposes” is contradicted by certain spimsters, who only wish they did: Hats, caps and gents’ underwear— specially a splendid 32-cent undershirt at John A. Williams. Murrow is agitating the question of purchasing a steam fire engine, frem the Chatham machine works. Mrs. W. Warr, of Brantford, is on a short visit with parents, Mr. and Mrs. BR. Balmer, and many friends of this town. ~ Montany catile fairs have proven to be small potatoes at several points along the G. T., and no wonder, the farmers are waiting patiently for the ““N, P.” Toronro has decided to get a gold chain for Mayor Beaty, to wear on state occasions ; and now, why shouldnt the Conservatives off Oakville buy a new Rogers’ jack-knife for W. C. Beaty? ANoTHER ‘excursion boat” came blow- ing into our barbor on Sunday last, — with all the boldness imaginable. Is there no law to prevent this thing, or public feeling to frown it down ? OaxvinLE time should be set at 2 min- utés faster than Toronto; 4 than Butfa- lo ; 24 than New York ; 25 than Albany, and 26 than Montreal ; and henee 18 12 minutes slower than Detroit, and 31 than Chicago. A young man may do a great many. foolish things; but he will never wear a pair of white pantaloons to a picnic but onee. He will never forget the large amount of fun he didn’t have on the first oecasion. PurorzE often complain of hard times from a mere natural tendency to growl, but an Oakville darkey, the other day, said: ‘‘Nebber seed sich times since 1 deen born. Work all day and steal all night, and blessed if I hardly make a livin’.” Mr. Jas. Hagmuron, who for many years carried on @ successful furniture business in Guelph, committed suicide ubout eleven a. m. of the 14th, by hang- ing himself with arope attached to the sill of a window in his bed-room. Yr semms to be hich time that those terested in the Trafalear Agricultural Show had their lists in the way of prepa- ration for thie fall exhibition. The See- retary is waiting patiently upon the movements of those who should try and | tnake it a success, Vorsrs’ Lists will preve valuable to business men hereafter. The law now requires the post office address of every elector to be given on the Voters’ List, as well as to have the letter J opposite the namie of every one qualified to act as a juryman. jeeePrnsonsvhavinsemeli—articledtoson by mail will be. glad to know that the parcel post rates have been reduced to six cents for four ounces and under, and six conts for every additional four ounces. Parcels must not weigh more than five pounds and must be nzarked “‘By Parcel Post.” | 1 Ewox church choir, Dundas, has been dissolved: Phe elders ‘thought the lads an’ lassies should sit deon im front o’ the minister and whaut the elders could watch them,” but the young folks re- belled- and now the congregation has sone bacx to the eld precentor style and the music of the old masters. Yuuirain-steru: on Friday, though quite severe at this place; and of but short duration, did but comparatively little more damage; than denuding quite a number of fruit trees around town of their foliage, and their fruit. With our happy escape, other localities to the west, are to be reported as having suf- fered severely. The storm appears to have beea general, and the mrost severe in the neighborhood of Sarnia. Wen that scalawag goes to Hamilton, ! and assures the merchants that his ama- teur handbill apology for a newspaper has a larger circulation than all the other of the county cf Halton combined, and under such false pretence obtains a few dollars’ worth of advertise- ments, paid i advance,—can an honor- able merchant of this town patronize /such a fraud any longer, when he lends | himself by sueh an act to divert the trade away ftom Oakville? Answer this ‘conundrum, gentlemen ! IANeETS er Aw Indian, the other day, was at the Hamilton market trying to sell baskets, but was ordered off and told that if he did net cease he would be fined. The Indian looked astonished when told that he could not sell his few baskets, and said, ‘Me Onondaga Indian. My fatner own all the woods, waters and hunting grounds round here, and now you pale face say can’t sell no baskets: Ugh, white man mighty mean. Suppose no sell berries, eh?’ The policeman said he could not unless by permission of the Council. Then the Indian drew him- self up, Shouldered his baskets, and re- plied, ‘‘Ugh, me good Indian, go where. ye no fool me. No Indian, no baskets.” Ow Thursday afternoon, 10th, at the raising of a large barn on the farm of Mr. Ninian Lindsay, near Georgetown, Thomas Henderson, son of Mr. Alex. Henderson, while running up one of the plates it slipped, causing him to fall a distance of nearly thirty feet, striking upon his head and shoulders. He was insensible for some time. Dr. Starr was sent for, and remained with hina most of the night, endeavoring to alleviate his sufferings. ‘Some hopes of his recovery ‘are now entertained: i | elephants, the @amels, ‘ seum and menagerie. ( Wednesday the 9th | residence known as one of the most hospitable Cann ar W. G. Huwson’s. : Twrep Surrs, finely made, of best quality ef goods at John A. Wiliams” Mr. J. K. AppEups, registrar for Tra- falgar, reports that there Were resisterea | with him for the half year endine 30th : June last, 16 marriages, 27 deaths and 44 births ; he further says that many | dlergymen and physicians are still quite | negligent or careless im the matter of making returns to him of deaths, in cases where they act as physicians. or are engaged to perform intermient cere monies; These gentlemen should re- member that they are lable to be sum- | moned before a justice of the peace and fined for neglect of their duty, and that it 1s made the registrar's duty to make! complaint to magistrate of cases of mes | lect. ena Satuspay afternoen last several pic- nic parties were brought to this pert by | the Belle, from Hamilton and Dundas, and who enjoyed themselves very much in Lewis’ grove. On leaving the wharf | on the return trip to Hamiltozm in the! evening a splendid display of: fiteworks | | from the deck of the steamer? was com- menced by Professor Hand, and kept up | without cessation until the city ad been | neared. Those at the Beach»must have very much appreciated the show. When passing through the piers a mammoth balloon was sent up, but came to grief, owing to the strong breeze’ Which was blowing at the time. the ‘hotel of the Lorne Park Company, | appeared before a bench of magistrates at Brampton on Tuesday of last week to answer to a charge preferred against him by Mr. Geo. Blain, License Inspector, for having sold intoxicating liquor (lager beer) in the hotel at the Park without having obtained a statute license siying him authority fer so doing. He was or- dered to pay a fine of $20 and costs. | Mr. Hugh Johnston appeared on the | same day, and before the same Jus : charged by the Inspector with h whiskey im his temperanee hetel Spring Brook, contrary to the forms of the statutes im sueh case made and pro- vided. Whe charge was fully proven, | and Mr. Jebnston ordered to pay a fae ES of $20 and cess. + Mr. D: Sanvens, one of the waiters at : | e on = at; : A MEETING of the Prohibitory Associa- | tion for this county was held iv the Tem- peranee Hall at Milton, on Monday of this week. Bir Johnson “Harrison ecen- pied the chair. Rev. James Scott, agent | ot the Dominion Alliance, was present, | and the Association resolved itself into a | branch of the Alliance for-:this eounty. | Several ministers were present, includ- | + } } individuals named | Fo the Editor of The Express. | ereatures, who run around the country, as | caught by these «Jand-pirates.”’? I was induced | —a machine that cost the manufactories less | om the peor people, by the adoption ef the | Sewing machine manufacturers, “Hanian !’—Heaps of prunella and fine leather shoes at M. S. McCraney’s. “Pree TRaADE’—in Dry Geods; Gro- eeries, Boots and Shoes, ete., at M.S. McCraney’s. : Tae Caledonian Society of Hamilton, propose on Friday, 25th inst., to make &@ pic-nic excursion to Oakyille, and while here will give a grand concert at theTown Hell. The pregramme indicates that some of the best talent will be engaged te make the concert of the highest order. Mr. Jan McKenzie is set down fot the Hishlaad Fling, and has in his time had the honor of dancing before Her Majesty Queen Victoria. We will be able to give further part culars next week. Rowdyism. Go the Hditor of The Hupress. Sir: I am led to understand that the ublic are under the impression, that the two belew, who acted in a drunken and disorderly manner, and using ob- scene language, and insulting peuple on the road from Milton on the evening of July 12th, are members of Li. ©. L., No. 272. I wish to in- form the public throngh your columns that the said Fred. Mc@iffin and Charlie Oliphant haye no connection with the Orange Association whatever, nor ever had. ; Signed ia behalf of L.O: L., No. 272. R. B. Tarr, Master. Sewing Machine Agents. Sim: Will you kindly alow me; through Que Express to caution the public, so that they may he on their guard against being deceived and swindled by those oily-tongued, logy 999 “sewing machine agents I am only ene out of a number that could be named who have been to allow a machine to be left on trial, for which i now have to pay about forty-five dollars, and what I most complain of, is the extortion, than $19, is sold by them to their agents for $i7, and sold by these ‘‘agents” atfrom thirty— five te forty dollars. and sometimes forty-five, I found out these last-named facts’ too late to be of service in my case; but give them for the benefit of the public, hoping that they may Saye some unsuspecting and inexperienced persons from being misled and swindled as I was. j BE. W. The above letter, perhaps unwittingly, re yeals some of the benefits being conferred up— “N.P.” “Protection to our manuiactories,” —say the advocates of that policy, here is a ‘sample brick;? and we are infermed that the statemenis above set.forth, are not overdrawn. and their UBLIC NOTICE—The stibscriber “begs to express his gratitude to those who have so generously supported him during these hard times, by payiug their accounts so punctually; but would remind those who have hot yet settled that he will wait upon them until the 24th July, and if not settled then, the ac— counts will be collected by another with costs. JOHN McCORKINDALE, Oakyille, July 5, 1879. 28w3 BRAN. BRAN. BOUT 4A® Toms FOR SALE,--- _ Four months credit on approved paper. Liberal discount for cash, at Oakville Mills. 27w3 ISAAC WARCUP. BONES WANTED. eee OOD WAGES CAN BE MADE, \ by collecting and shipping bones and horng to, us. is eae 2 Bags loaned. Prompt remittance. Fer fur- tner yarticulars addres. Be PETER R. LAMB & CO; MANUFACTURERS, ae TORONTO. Panily Groceries! R. D. BIGGER, § JUST ON HAND with a fresh’ stock of GROCERIES, SUGARS, TEAS, COFFEE, Molasses, yritps, Vinegar, SPICES, PRESERVED FRUIT; FISH. Keeps also on sale the latest styles of FRUIT JARS. 27w6 azents, are having 2 “high old time,” under this N.P. license.] Ep. Buckien’s Arnica Salire. The BEST SALVE in the world, fer Cuts, Bruises, Scres, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Tetter, THRMS CAS EZ. ———- ing Revs. Preston. Wright, Cameron,| Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all) W/LL NOT BE UNDERSOLD ! Earle, etc: A number 6f prominent lay-} men took part in the meeting. Resolu- | tions wete passed approving uf the Seott | Act and deciding to submit it te the} electors of Halton for {néir approval at | an early day. The convention was | unanimous and hearty in its action. A public meoting was held-, ¢he Metho- rire bis—tne exsnihe when -ad- dresses were délivered by/Rey. J. Scott and the resident ministers, Baraum’s Greatest of all Shows. Barnum is to be im Hamilton on Tuesday, July 22nd, with his vast and un— equaled show. The Hartford Vimes givas a good idea of it, the streets along which the procession was expesied to pass were filled with men, women and ehildren, the windows were tilled with ladies, the steps of the churches aud stores thronged. .Soon after. 9 the music of the band filled the gir, and the huge golden chariot came in sight. The long line of animal wagons, fresh and mew, with gorgeous banners floating on top, the monster orchestrion and the steam caliope, and the car of Neptune, were interspersed with fancy wagons drawn by mites of horses, the beautiful stallions, a wag- on drawn by a pair of elxs, the monster black dromedaries, zebras and other auimats, making a procession nearly amile long. This immense exhibition may be said to be divided into two parts, the museum and elreus, and each is larger that any of its compeers. The museum contains the largest collection of animals outside the Loudon Zoo, while the circus js far ahead of anything of the kind ever seen in this country or in Hurope. fhe first two tects are taken up with the inu- The latter includes ten elephants, of all sizes, including two baby ele- phants, that make a tremendous crying and roaring when their comrades are away in the grand entree. There is the black rhinoceros, the only one-of his kind in this country, aud there is also the only eland ever shown in this country, in all ovee 380) animals. Not the least attractive part of the performance was the appearance of Mr. P. 1. Sarnum himself, and his brief but witty speech. | Dt BD. In Indianapolis, Indiana, of consumption, on the 12th July, 1879, TILLEN NELSON, in her 30th year. She was for some years a residen: of this town. She died in the full hope of a glo- rious immortality. S) At Cherry Hill, Township of Toronto, on | instant, Mr. JOSEPH SILVHRLEORNE, aged 94 years, seven months and two days. Mr, Silverthorne who has passed to his reward, was one of the oldest settlers in | the township, and Cherry Hill, his places of in the county of Peel], Mr. Silverthorn was married on the 17th of March, 1807, to Jafe, daughter of Jonn C@hishoim of Queenston Heights, (who survives him aged 89). He leaves erght daugiters living, all of whem were pres— ent at his bedside during the groater part of his ness and at his death. Inthe year 1807, Mr. Silverthorn and his wife left Niagara on the 18th Aprilin'a vessel caled the unter, owned and sailed’ by J. Kendrick; they made the trip to “Little York,” now Toronto, in a gale of wind in the short time of 22 hours,’ at that time there was only one tavern in York, which was kept by Dr. Stiles, where they stayed On the 20th April they reached the mouth of the Htobieoke river in 2 boat, and a few hours afier their future home on Lot No.11, N.D.S., Township of Toronto, where he has ever since resided, and carried on farming, He served as a militia mana during the war of 1812 to 1815, andreceived his share of the Government grant. tothe survivors. He leaves a large number ef | decendants,—there are now living 8 daughters 53 grand children, 79 great grand children, and | 2 great-great grand children. Hehad during his long life the enviable reputation of being | an honest and upright man. Ra i C ¥ kinds of Skin Eruptions. This salve ts gaar- anteed to give perfeet satisfaction in every ease or money refunded. Price 25 certs per box. Fer sale by C. W. Pearcz & Co. 29m3 Advertisements, DRE BRS PPP ISS IO a ge a.caontaias | aot | CALEDONIAW SOCIETY, OF HAMILTON , At the Town Hall, Qakville, ON FRIDAY EVENING NEXT, GP Ie) SHAS. ss) WITH A RICH PROGRAMME, Admaission £5 cts. Farmors’ and Traders’ LOAN ASSOCIATION. (LIMETED.) Tneorporated by Act of Parliament. Authorized Capita! $1,000,000, Divided into 10,000 shares of $100 each. HEAD-OFFPICE: 86 KMimg street, B., HMamilion. BOARD OF DIRECTION : Dennis Moons, Hsq., of D. Moore & Co. Hamilton, President. Auex, Duncan; Hsqoyof A. Duncan & Co., Hamilton, Vice-President. W. H. Sanrorp, Hsq., of Sanford, Vail & Bickley; Hamilton. E. Mirceatt, Hsq., Banker. é W. Canny, Esq., of Spectator Prig. Co. R. Kennupy, Esq. Pres’t Times Prtg. Co. D. Giniiss, Esq., of Bunton,Gillies&Co. R. Tuomson, Lsq., Lumber Merchant. W.. GinLEsBy, Hsq., Produce Merchant. TES This Association is prepared to grant loans upon all classes of approved securities. S4VEINGS BANK BRANOR. SIX per cent. interest allowed for devosits, calculated from day of deposit to day of with- drawal and compounded half-yearly, WALTER IS. BALLARD, Hamilton, 16th July Manager. — AMI ba ISLECOS. it Hor Sale BY 4 : DT & GERNT,’ 4 > Inrormation Free! . Address » M.H. ALLARDT, or BRUNO GERNT, Detroit ot Port Huron, Michigan, Forestville, Sanilac Co. 8 | OAKVILLE: Aprilz. lite THE CAMPBELLVILLE WOOLEN MILLS — RE TURNING OUT FIRST CLASS ROLLS & YARNS Gs Vhave a choice selection of TWEEDS & FLANNELS, to exchange for WOOL, for which the highest price will be paid. D. VICKERMAN, s Proprietor. REMEMBER! cL OPENED A’ SHOW-ROOM IN OAKVILLE, JF Call and see his 26m3 Provcus, HorsrHors, Cuiti- VATORS, ONE-HORSE Prows; ScUFFLERS, WHEELBAR- ROWS, GC! fe Examine the FLEURY LARK REAPER the King of all Reapers. por tou Will finda stock of PLOUGH points, LANDSIDES, and all REPATRS always onband. We mean business. Hold ynur or— ders and give me a call. Show Room one door west of MeCorkindale’s store, Main street. Win. HENTDR, dsent, Pe eS ; = = 000 APPLE TREES FOR SATE. AROM 4 to 5,000 HOME-Gaown 1 APPLE TREBS for sale on Lot 26South Pundas Street. Fruit the leading varieties, Oakvilio, May 12. Je Price $10 per hundred. 132 HENRY GELTON. On Sxuouriry or IMPROVED FARMS, For MOWRY (0 URN terms, ete., apply in person to JOHN K. APPLEBE, ; § Treasurer Township Trafalgar. bth Aprii, 1879. Yotf PASTURAGE. ro LAT, Goop PAasrure. with p'enty of water. Apply to | i W.H. SPEARS or G, ANDREW 3 Calera ‘23th

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