Oakville-Trafalgar Journal, 30 Nov 1950, p. 8

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gogo 8 hE po Wm. WHITAKER & SONS ur Station Rd. OAKVILLE IE! i | \ sm eae he win - : FOR i, iS VOUR NAME | i x SITUATIONS WANTED 11 [ICES a Paragrap, M81 as mI 7 3 i o Bl | The Bazaar at Bethel United| 1 PR. girl's hockey skates and| MAN with 3 ton truck wants NOTICE TO CREDITORS Quality Meats MUSIC oN roRTER a | Church, Drumquin postponed on | bOOLS, size 6%, also 1 pr. gIrls| work. Phone B76. (25p1) {IN THE MATTER OF the Estate 2 or MUSIC ALBUM this week? {fBrist | Soars of weather will be held fancy skates and boots, size 5%. |of JOSEPH ORR PEACOCK, late Fruits & Vegetables --_-------- flit Kab Sat, Dec. 2 Phone 3487. (8bel) SPECIAL NOTICES of the Township of Trafalgar, In WATCH FOR THE NEW sion | { oy Fallolie Woman's QNE boy's brown overcoat, the County of Halton, Farmer, G 0 6 Ba Si Andrews Catholle WOMENS |sizo 16; ono man's black overcoat | rig VOTERS' LISTS ACT deceased. roceries Bing |] League will hold their annual|Sjze 40, 1 youth's bed. Phone All persons having claims again- d | Christmas Bazaar, Saturday, DeC.|1g47y, (3bel) | (Referred to in Section 69) [st the estate of JOSEPH ORR i et Marva. School Hall, from | ec -- rectrio washer, | Notice of Sittings of Revising 'PEACOCK, late of the Township PHONE | 8 pm. to 12 pm. Afternoon tea | py SCI Cleaner, doll carriage Officer of Trafalgar, in the County of STIRLING-DYNES LTD. de Il b a th ill be . will be s , and there Ww & orib. Phone 1715W. _ (3bel) _ |Halton, Farmer, deceased, Who eer ---- for home cooking, candy and variety and crib. Phone 1716W. __(35¢D) | TAKE NOTICE that a sitting | gied on or about the 27th day of -- a booths. Euchre at 8 p.m. Turkey -- =n Dr fair ER of the Dex ing Officer or the pur-| May, 1950, are requested to send (Prompt Delivery) St. Andrew a dra (c52 00. Phone 33. 1) | pose of hepring complaints Or|the same to the undersigmed so- t. Andrew's Parish dav. RD Sine machine, ex: | appeals with regard forth voters' | ior BEATTY washing machine, ex: | appeals with regard to tho Ticitor on or before the 18th da: CHRISTMAS BAZAAR, St. John's| content condition, copper: tub, 25 list fo be used at the vote to be of December, 1950; otherwise oo TURKEY RAFFLE United Church, - features--enlarg cycle. Phone 457-W. Aly | taken under the provision of The estate will be distributed without RL ed tea room, tea 25¢, handy work : -- Liquor Licence Act, 1946, in the f Friday, December 1 Her se ey oak boon | me Telsyier oh gongolaif Liuer Livencs, Act, [ob i, (ro|roserd ole Sets ; 5th, white elephant and fish pond, at model, less than year old, in first | [hho "following time and GEORGE E. ELLIOTT, 8.15 p.m. is 10 i 3 pm. Friday, Dec. 1, 1950. (53,1) | class condition. At substantial dis- |), ce. Milton, Ontario, : iis in i count, $339. cash. Box 443. [oes comneill Chamberiin ms Solleltor for the Executrix. ST. MARY'S SCHOOL HALL | [at | CARD OF TELLS iE To Town of Oakville November 2, 1950. ~(1c50-52) R. E. Harris, Prop. King and Allan Sts. Place | phone Bronte 2 oa' he fourteenth day of Dec-| TAKE NOTICE that the Mun- 5 Ea phone Bronte 2IR2. __ So. lay 5 = th | Mr. Horbort Bury wishes to ex-| MODERN Acme white onamel | ember 1960, at ten olclock am. [TARE NOTICE Wat MEME, === ae 50 Best Quality un tend thanks fo th friend bi A | Standard Ti icipal Council of the Corporation Your advertising message, - It d | a nor Sim during bis - nd gs El Por | Sted W. N. Robinson will be obi. Ron of Oakville Proposes | = whether display or classified, Christmas Turkeys a | Tele sat ti | ye iOL couen, gods eo (the Revising, Oftiter fant C, HL. Re acho cveryohe Admission Free fen: Fy tr Ds Sills Traralgon Se attics: msonable. 85 Brant St. Byers, Clerk of the seid mn ia oF ban te but costs you less ee orial Hospital. on (2501) Will be the Clerk of the Re- > J i SD Tue the following vising Officer. A To we = [ire IRTHS : el AND FURTHER TAKE NOT- i 5 Ee { 12020 Somdition. Moffatt Gas | bac he Tists to be so revised SN Mile Sn | El | RE Ih. Eun YA EE Lr ae i grill and paris 1 and I of dio voters A Bir: | L - | storage drawer, * $10.00. Ee ine mai peitty [TICE thot neigouncil will, at its | es ansounce the birth of a daugh- |75 lbs. good shape $7.50; hot Wa-| go. : A) meeting to be held on the 22nd 4 | fr an for tai and stand, $2.00. Phone i n EE JAKE NOT. 027 of January, 1951, at 8 o'clock | | BE ms November 29, 1950. ? mew) ICH that any voter who desires|c) the evening at the Council] | tees Boros 1 PR, giil's figure skates, size Chambers at the Town of Oak- | x So Le Vagal) | to complain that his name or the|ille, hear in person, or by his I % | % Fhe RED Cairn Terrier names of any person or Dersore counsel, solicitor, or agent, any go us bell Wl Zo Ty ol - Ee said person who applies to be heard ; pee id WH! blow il Pofer puppies, Thornhill Ken-|gsame, or that the names of any ane i 1 Hels (Regd) Mrs. Lefroy, R. R. 2 | person or persons who are not 2 a 4 { the proposed by-law. 1 Oakville. Phone Bronte 177M. (1), entitled to be voters have been CH. BYERS Gon wa: RABBIT. Phone Bronte 21r23. entered thereon, may on or be- TERS 4 {Gtirnal I UNFURNISHED HOUSE || a dvear winter tir: | fore the twelfth day of December Clete . { new odyeal 3 OR LARGE LOWER rE is ope onl | spat, complain or apves] 9 Ja9 SPECIAL NOTICES DUPLEX od He ee Se NOMINATIONS SEALS, TAGS, ENCLOSURE CARDS, : ceter-totter, o nev. n e 5 IH Sp 0 ny es or TOWN OF OAKVILLE RIBBONS I | ; || =Fo i Keys phone ND F NOT i 5 | ti for Junior Executive, wire | | nro se ran ows Haz) (ICE fiat such apvesisl must, Be EE ZIPPER BINDERS FROM $2.95 TO $7.50 ii HS and infant. For 2 by notice in writing in the pres-yo. z 4 | fl infant. For one to two bers of the Town of Oakville on PEN AND PENCIL SETS il Years from about Jan cribed form, signed by the cOm-|priday, December 1, 1950, at 7 I TH [Fears b uary plainant in duplicate and given| gielock - x " N'S-STORY B | 1, 1951. Reliable tenant bo the Clerk of the Revising Of- alelocis cin ithe me a CHILDREN'S-STORY BOOKS [ ih chnnected with Oakville || ROOM and board. Phone LLLLW| ficer or left for him at his office TE en Sd | | manufacturing plant. on (50p50-52) | in the Municipal Building. Deputy Reev six Councillors, EVERYTHING FOR THE KIDDIE | it GONFORTABLE room for 2| (Signed) W. N. ROBINSON, |Ppublic Utilities Commissioner, | {i i with board in mew home. Phone| Chairman of the Blection Board |and Public School Trustees for | PHONE 1679-W Wipe ay for the County of Halton. the Town of Oakville for the AND GROWN-UPS TOO! It | room wifi use of kitehen, | Dated this twentieth day of Nov-|year 1851. 1 { atl | . Ket Cave Kent Garden Survey, |CmPer AD, 1950. (1c52-2) C. H. BYERS, : 2 5 | | | | call evenings 1835J. (851) | -- fe Clerk A wide choice of single i ROOMS suitable for two friends. || 3) n TIME AND MODERN 51-1) or boxed Christmas ih Bice | lati | RTE | susivess sinvices oe | ~-- FURNISHED bedsitting room, BUSINESS SERVICES i | i ¥ LOOKING OVER YOUR quiet business person preferred. DANCE FOR SALE: No. 1 Pennsylvania AND ® CHRISTMAS LIST, Box 445 Journal (88cl) Anthracite from Frank Sullivan iil : ao. WANTED--TO RENT AT Bronte, 80-W. Your Blue Coal CHRISTMAS | LA ? Dealer. (44tf) I El . Dealer. | 7 1 it | a Ni at © f il ti YES (0 GOING TO UNFURNISHED house or du- LORNE PARK re CE MORE we have that fine i ennsylvania oil. Bring your own HR, : plex, Oavills or aisle i PARISH HALL gal. container and we will fill it CARDS i | rmy Officer, two young childre for only 80c, grade 20 only. Hed- It a DUN N S ill sign tres yest ese tf mess FRIDAY, DEC. 1ST ror Home. Lid, Dundas "st. N. 2 I 4 ry. 1 i i DRUGS ry ab Suan oi || Norm. Gill's) Orchestra A 9 | | Une Oo mils. 9 to 430 pm. FOR your Fuller Brush needs, | il HS THEY HAVE A ON houss Ta Ozkville Refreshments conta) oi Gsnton, 9 Wilson St. i R ouse in_Oakville S. Oakville. Phone orders taken | FINE SELECTION OF or district. Box 442 Journal. + 1646.3. (3betf) COLBORNE ST. E. OAKVILLE | | LE : =u anes | i CHRISTMAS GPTS § | gryy iia ERS EE EER HC Ee Eo See Ra Be BH) ] A childs rocking horse in good | condition. Phone 338. (36¢1) b) { | | SELF-contained accommodation (4) | for couple with daughter (13) in HEE exchange for wife's domestic ser- LE EE oor GOMPLETE SELECTION OF XMAS i Hi GIFTSFORTHE HOME. FURNITURE IS GV EEE a YOUR MOST LASTING GIFT. COME IN GIRLS do to make ex- NOW-OUR STOCK IS COMPLETE. | A ay $2.25 TO $8.00 3 YARDLEY GIFT SETS |ira Xmas money, you can do so i Both Ladies' & Men's = |by helping me daily with general ! housework. Phone 1301W. igi 8° y $1.75 TO $8.50 ; Ji BRONNLEY TURTLE LOST AND FOUND 5 PC. DINETTE HORTON EC" UTR ; 0il Soaps, Boxed LOST: Airdale lost 2 weeks Lifeti furniture that Log 75¢ T0 $2.00 azo, sngmors to me © "seh SE ee ee WASHING MACHINE ever. Dual extension Here's a famous make LOST: Brown and white Spring- f | ms Bovad Eons 10H table with four ny washer with one piece iB OST: foinity Kent Gardens, chairs upholster in aluminu tub. Full 1 Qh DO ie, amar to Pat. any colour plastic lea- te ane i RE sy. Child's pet. Phone 1681W. therette. teed to give satisfac- I a aKville o | y {I Plone 650 WOULD beard child about 2 in : $79 Priced If 3 | Ey CoO on 1507W. Sn I $159.50 : is | li CEDAR CHEST Lt MAKE RESERVATIONS NOW Genuine walnut with ~ KNEE-HOLE DESK | : i 1 red cedar lining. Beau- Roomy 7 drawer desk | : FOR OPEN BOWLING Shy Banded 3 in birch walnut sur) | : i [ os grain Jit: Spe- | ean, fine finish | : LANES WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR OPEN BOWLING : Tlie uh $39.95 DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON. WE URGE YOU TO $42.50 x99 | ! Ii eu ARRANGE YOUR PARTY NOW AND PHONE FOR RES- 4 I : ; ERVATION. ; x | ; OF NE 957 : OAKVILLE SATURDAY { PHONE 1328 FURNITURE SEE OUR LARGE XMAS GIFT\ SELECTION EVENINGS i LR | \ B. 3 { 2 y

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