Oakville-Trafalgar Journal, 30 Nov 1950, p. 7

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29, 195) avoiding Fhursday, Nov. 29, 1950 THE OAKVILLE-TRAFALGAR JOURNAL Page 7 © Keg WANTED GIRLS OR WOMEN TO BE TRAINED TO OPERATE AIR CONTROLLED PRESSES AND AUTOMATIC IRONER IN CLEAN, BRIGHT, MODERN LAUNDRY. PAY -- BASIC WAGE PLUS PRODUCTION BONUS. 8 Hour day. 40 Hour week, Rest periods morning and afternoon REPLY | BOX 440 JOURNAL BACKLASH HITS AS WEEKEND STORM RAGES BRONTE BEACH Half a dozen summer cottag and the pavilion at Bronte Beach suffered damage roughly estimated at several hundred dollars in Saturday's big storm which caused such havoc else- where. Glant waves, some of which were said to be thirty feet high, lashed and pounded at the frame structures, weakening their supports and deluging their in- teriors with water. One cottage, until recently the property of Andrew. Rogers, located near the pler, was almost a total wreck. Fire Chief Freeman Bray and members of the fire department, augmented by Chief of Police Fred Oliver and a number of vol- unteers, hurried to the beach Sat- urday evening when the storm was at its height and removed furniture from the cottages, none of which were occupied. "The walls of the pavilion will have to be fixed right away or the roof will collapse," Chief Bray in- formed the Journal in the course tots 'n teens Crclusive Clildren's Wear Fine Sportswear - Lingerie Colborne Street Phone 1303 EE WE Lo K 2 Here's power, and plenty of it . . . when you need it... whenever you want it. You get dependable, constant power with a Chryco Powerline Battery, no matter how tough the conditions. Drive in tomorrow. Have a fresh Chryco of a conyersation Mon- day. Chief Bray himself was among the losers. Four of his fishing shanties, located on the east side of the Twelve Mile Creek near its mouth were flooded with about sixteen inches of water. A number of fish-nets in storage, and also some reels, were dam- aged, and the structures them- selyes will need repairs. Some nets set out in the lake were also damaged. "If it had not been for the pro- tection of the new pier the dam- age would have been much more of Bronte serious," A. Jennings, village commission, told the Journal. A number of trees in the village were blown down, while others had branches torn off by the force of the wind. Power was Off from midnight until 10.30 Sunday morning as the result of a sleet storm which followed the wind- storm. The main generator at the telephone exchange was also put out of commission for sometime, and operators were obliged to use hand cranks when putting through calls. A number of chickens own- ed by Dan Pope of Palermo be- came panicstricken during the storm, flew against the windows of their house, and were killed. Damage at Oakville was rela- tively slight, though immense waves pounded at the lake banks' and broke over the piers. Reser- voir park, on the west side, was. submerged with water, a large tree in Lakeside Park was snap- ped off, and numerous branches around town were blown down, | OBITUARIES REV. J. M. MAGWOOD Rey. John Wesley Magwood, a former minister of St. John's United Church and Oakville Me- thodist Church, died Tuesday at Stratford General Hospital. The late Mr. Magwood, who served as a minister for sixty years, was twice located in Oakville, the first time about forty years ago, and later, about 1935, for a year only. He is survived by his wife, one son, Marsh, and a daughter, Mrs. K. V. Stratton, both of Tor- onto. CURRICULAR OUTLINE Parents of school students were given all the information they wanted regarding the various school courses at the monthly meeting of the Home and School Association held in the high school music. room, Thursday evening. E. W. Stirtan, acting principal, with the aid of a chart, outlined the course of study and the en- trance requirements for several Ontario universities. Following his talk, members of the audience asked questions Df a teachers' panel which Included Misses Haist, McNaughton and McKinley and Mr. Stirtan. A. Hodges and E. Carberry. Lt-Col. John Forth acted as chairman. The evening concluded with the serving of Te- freshments, There will be no De- cember meeting of the Association, but an excellent speaker is being procured for the January meeting. CAR SKIDS, CRASHES TREE, TWO KILLED The Queen Elizabeth Way west wanted . . . and welcome--and TIFFANY TOILET ADRIENNE TOILET Lipstick) 4 5 Prophylactic liam Fiscus, aged 40, and Jona- than Loftus, 50. The accident happened when the car skidded on a patch of ice on the pavement and went out of control. Both men were killed instantly, and the car was a total wreck: The men had been returning to Kitchener from CO. LIMIT LLEN HOPE, MG THE REXALL Give gifts that keep on giving--gifts of long-lasting usefulness and enduring beauty--gifts throughout the year. Such gifts are wonderful . . . them to choose from when you Christmas shop at Oakville Drug Co. All are priced to enable you to give more Christmas Joy for the money you want to spend. CUTEX MANICURE SET in zipper case 4 50 = Powder, Lipstick, Perfume, zouse 7,00 (Powder, Perfume, Rouge, COTY PERFUME BAR (Asuma-Muse, Vertige) Sheaffer Waterman of Oakville was the scene of one Hair Brush Parker, Eclipse of the worst fatalities in recent Pen. & Dencill Sats FROM $6.50 i years Sunday night, when two $2.95 ; | Kitchener men were killed when $3.95 From Polo Lighters i their car skidded and hit a tree. 3 Victims of the crash were Wil- $4.95 $1.49 TO $39.50 FROM $5.00 il R. DRUG STORE - * - that cheer you'll find many of SET SET 0 Ronson Llghtzrs ED TEL. 94 OAKVILLE Toronto. resulting in short power interrup- tions. Powerline Battery installed, and find out why Chryco Batteries are rapidly becoming Canada's favourite. "Chryco iis a trade-mark of the Chrysler Corporation of Canada, Limited GIVE HIM SOMETHING FOR HIS GAR ACCESSORIES MAKE IDEAL XMAS GIFTS ® WM. WHITAKER & SONS Bfation Road Oakville Phone 141 ny KIDS SKATE OUTDOORS, BELIEVE IT OR NOT Skating--the good, old-fashion- ed outdoor variety--has been en- joyed for the past week by the younger children of Brantwood public school. Wednesday of last week a small piece of ground to the north of the school was flood- ed, and when it froze the young- sters had an ideal rink. Every afternoon there is skating and a bit of hockey, and in the evenings a number of parents of the neighborhood come and bring their children for some more fun on the ice. > GROUNDS FOR SPECULATION contain coffee, that might explain why they're sky-high. A Nee he SEE VATIONS NOWO 0R BANQUETS, DINNERS, ETC. SPECIAL HOLIDAY MENUS FEATURING ALL THE [8 TRIMMINGS . . . IN OUR DINING ROOM . . . DANCING | ACCOMMODATION IN THE OAK ROOM. MURRAY HOTEL | Navy St. South at Robinson One Block South of Colborne PHONE 542 NL IT'S THE MURRAY HOTE IN ORDER TO ACCOMMODATE OUR PATRONS FOR THE FESTIVE SEASON WE URGE YOU TO BOOK YOUR RESER- L If those flying saucers happen to \. McKennaRadio & Appliances | #467 Sales and Service 747 GILSON - NORTHERN ELECTRIC-JOHN INGLIS DON'T WAIT 'TILL THE LAST MINUTE TO DO YOUR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING ... WE HAVE A WIDE SELECTION OF ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES... ® WASHING MACHINES @® TOAST- ERS ® REFRIGERATORS ® RA- DIOS ® ELECTRIC RANGES, TEA KETTLES, ETC. DROP IN TO-DAY! McKENNA RADIO *~, APPLIANCES Corner Thomas and Randall Streets TELEPHONE 467 OAKVILLE

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