Oakville-Trafalgar Journal, 30 Nov 1950, p. 14

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Page 14 GL THE OAKVILLE-TRAFALGAR JOURNAL COUNTY COMMENTARY THOSE SEWERS AGAIN! © Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Hillson joined a lost of mud spattered Milton pedestrians last week in admitting that sewer installation can be a more than somewhat an- noying business. Mr. and Mrs. Hilson lost their entire winter's supply of vegetables, stored in their cellar, when the sewer backed up and flooded the base- ment with 27 inches of raw sew- age ATTENDS OPENING ' Miss Sybil Bennett, Halton Pro- gressive Conservative candidate in the last election, assisted Mrs. George Drew in receiving as the Tory leader opened his new Ot- tawa home-over the weekend. RANGING SOUTH Convincing proof that deer are continuing to range southward was provided by several Halton huntsmen who bagged fine bucks in nearby townships where hunting is permitted. ASSESSMENT WELL UP Acton's new assessment roll, accepted last week by coun- cil, showed a new total of $2,109, 856. This figure represents an in- crease of $90,000 over last year. NEW BEGONIA A new variety of begonia,| springing from a cross bétween tuberous and fibrous species, was on display in Acton this week. The new species was discovered in the Niagara penninsula, was a highlight of the Royal Winter Fair flower show, and D. G. C. Dejong, nurseryman who develop- ed it, presented a specimen to a fair Acton visitor. FELINE DECLINE A mysterious epidemic has just about wiped out the entire feline population of Zimmerman, 'in Nelson Township, where hardly a family has escaped the loss of one or all of its cats. Cause of the malady has so far eluded ve- terinarians. e 3 DELUXE DICTIONARY 1¢ the publishers of modern dic- tionaries could bring themselves around to streamling their defin- jtions to meet the format of one recently submitted to a well known American publisher, one can't help but feel that these huge tomes would not only be more informative but also much more entertaining. Here is_ the an- onymous contribution, which seems to cover the subject very, very thorough BOY: After a male baby has grown out of long clothes and tri- angles and has acquired pants, freckles, and so much dirt that relatives 'do not care to kiss it between meals, it becomes a BOY. A boy is Nature's answer to that false belief that there is no such thing as perpetual mo- tion. A boy can swim like a fish, run like a deer, climb like a squir- rel, balk like a mule, bellow like a bull, eat like a pig, or act like a jackass, according to climatic conditions. He is a piece of skin stretched over an appetite. A noise covered with smudges. He is called a tornado because he comes at the most unexpected places, and leaves everything a wreck behind him. He is a grow- ing animal of superlative promise to be fed, watered, and Kept warm, a joy forever, a periodic nuisance, the problem of our times, the hope of a nation. Boys faithfully imitate their dads in spite of all efforts to teach them good manners. A boy, if not wash- ed too often and kept in a cool, quiet place after each accident, will survive broken bones, horn- ets," swimming holes, fights, and nine helpings of pie. Recipe for Health! Milks a real boon to baking . . . because it makes every- thing taste better and because it contains so much food value! Use milk for better cooking and better health! Eoety Day, L. G. SNYDER'S GILBREA DAIRY Dundas St. at Church PHONE 51 Talented Actress KATE REID talented young Oakville actress, returned home last week to ap- pear on the high school auditor- jum stage in the starring role of "The Wind and the Rain" pre- | sented here by the Theatre Ser- jes under the sponsorship of the hospital women's auxiliary. 2 Light Fingers Merchants and citizens gener ally are cautioned by Chief of Police Derry to be on their guard against shoplifters, bogus cheque artists and confidence men, who, he points out are particularly . active during the pre-Christmas season. "Shops are loaded down with merchan- dise, and most people have more money than usual at this time of year," the chief explains. So keep a keen lookout for light- fingered gentry, or those who try to sell you gold bricks or stocks of a questionable nature. By Jim SHIRLEY IMPRESSES G.B.S. In one of the amusing scenes in Colin Miller's comedy, "A Kiss For Corliss," star Shirley Temple reads a very dramatic passage from ome of George Bernard Shaw's plays to a friend. After the scene was shot Shir- ley reminisced with her co-star, David Niven, about her one and only contact with the celebrated man of letters. When she was at her height as a child star, a stu- dio représentative attempted to get G. B. Shaw to make one of his famous quips about little Shirley. He was asked, as a starter, if it would not be interesting to meet her. "Well," remarked Shaw, "after hearing about the kind of money this child star earns for her stu- dio, I would say that I'm sure I might learn a trick or two from her. But what could she possibly learn from me?" hi more than a year. Nelson, after completing without a break 'Tea "Lullaby of Broadway." He plans to visit the High Sierras some wnter sports. top-flight ice Thursday, Nov. 29 195088 rs directed his talents fo dy, and acting, Sor For Two! and the forthcoming Chelan "The West Point Story," went Se the Weer immediately into the current - R. Craig, 121 yop, ¢f ( will present himself at tn, | Ii office | of the Century They] any night next week, he ang other guest, will be admittey 1] as guests of the Journal, with and take in Gene was a before he is wife, Miriam, skater Harrison FAMED GUN USED 'When Betty Hutton, followed by 100 Indians on pinto ponies, rides into the arena for the spec- tacular finale of "Annie Get Your Gun," the rifle carried across her saddle will be the same historic Winchester carried by the real Annie Oakley on her European tour twith the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show in 1887. The rifle was used in command performances before Queen Vic: toria and on one of those occas: ions was fired by the Prince of Wales, later Edward VIL Most recent celebrity to use the rifle was Ethel Merman, who used it in the 100th performance of the original Broadway production of "Annie Get Your Gun." ACTOR--SNOW BOUND At he completion of Warner Bros.' 'Technicolor musical "Lul- laby of Broadway,' Gene Nelson will head for his first vacation in E. F. T0 THE ELECTORS OF TRAFALGAR TOWNSHIP FORD BIG GAME HUNTERS consult the "business person- als" columns of the classifieds when they want to expand or improve operations. Drag your bright idea out of storage, advertise it in the classifieds to contact someone who can give it proper backing! changes and provide bl THE BELL TELEPHONE oi rates that will fairly reflect the cifference in value of the various classes of service. IMPROVEMENT and GROWTH TO CONTINUE The additional revenue from the new rates will enable us to maintain and improve your service and to keep pace with growth in the territory we serve. We will keep on working to give the kind of service you want, when and where you want it. TELEPHONE SERVICE MORE VALUABLE = A : el 'WATCH FOR THE NEW 0 k ll -Ti fi /[ Ji : WISHES TO THANK YOU FOR HIS ACCLAMATION AS z aKviie rara. gar ournal > (I Ca FORD DEPUTY-REEVE FOR 1951 ° TELEPHONE 1298 Be: STIRLING-DYNES LTD. a = {iSeal) B ae 1-3 pg T S | 2) BV ote set AY | & WwW : - o Moxy, 3 Ere. MONT enc . : i RESIDENC, 2 She sin) RA h ER TE L 3 i Fi Oo BE 3 Indiyicty gp ir 8. Por fun Rurq) | - RATES " gy . 75 R@ of B D | USinggg 2.55. . EFFEC Indivictuny - 1.00 TIVE JANUARY 1, 1951 2-Pary,, : :? Rurq) The Board of Transport Commissioners for Canada has Extensioy, 1 dered judi on the application we made in October, # 1949 for our first general rate increase in 23 years. The Board i Ap has now ordered new rates that will replace the temporary | op rates which it authorized in its interim order last July. | | |B NEW RATES FOR I. P [ OAKVILLE °° A Bi ' hci BEC FAIR and REASONABLE RATES 0 ) These rates will adjust the témporary rates ordered by The - Board of Transport Commissioners last July, and in most cases will co result in only small differences. : ei 'While some rates will increase, others will not change. The 7 le Today more of your friends have telephones than ever before. ed ou can call more people and more can call you. More telephones and ee better service mean bigger value for you. 3 The cost of telephone service has ne & ; ot gone up as much as most Ey you buy. The telephone bill is one of the small items in your amily budget. When you think of its many. advantages, telephone gexvice certainly gives you big value for ycur 1aoney. 2 ¢ = A. A. FRANCIS, Manager © £ 2) a FER co [ A MPANY OF CARADA \ and 1 Pu [

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