Oakville-Trafalgar Journal, 30 Nov 1950, p. 13

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Thursday, Nov. 29, 1950 THE OAKVILLE-TRAFALGAR JOURNAL Page 13 TO THE VOTERS OF TRAFALGAR GIVE A NEW MAN A CHANCE CAST YOUR SCHOOL TRUSTEES BALLOT FOR DENZIL LAWRENCE ON DECEMBER 4TH. "ROBERT MARSHALL AGAIN SOLICITS YOUR VOTE FOR COUNCILLOR FOR TRA- FALGAR TOWNSHIP, HAVING SERVED FIVE CONSECUTIVE YEARS oR SHORT, VOTING DECEMBER 4. POLLS OPEN 9 A.M. TO 7 P.M. : ise FROM YOUR COLOR COUNSELOR --RUTH D. SUNLEY-- be PAINT AND BRUSH PRESENTS If the thought of numerous Christmas presents, and a flat purse, are bothering you, don't overlook the possibility of mak- ing attractive gifts with the aid of a paint brush and a can of col- or. Unpainted furniture is avail- able in abundance, of course, but smaller and more quickly prepar- ed for gift wrapping are all man- ner of pieces of unfinished wood. For instance, a wooden cutlery box glorified with color can dou- ble as lots of things--a. hosiery compartment or knicknack tray. Then there are wooden shoe trees, hangers, hampers, shoe stands-- all available to be painted in a hue that will match the recipient's special color scheme. Some ingen- ious people do things with old cigar boxes and tin cans. Even wooden spools can be made into candle holders. Just take two spools, split them down the centre and arrange them flat into a cir- le. Painting glassware has taken on great popularity. Inexpensive moulded glasses can be painted with enamel and made most at- tractive. Be sure the glass is clean and free from grease. Use a fine brush and do not take up too much enamel on the brush at one time. A ring of bright blue around the base of a'small glass jug gives a fresh appearance; blue-green and coral are a charm- ing combination for a set of table glasses. For friends with recreation rooms, gldsses with numbers or initials painted on would be acceptable. Bottles too can be decorated handsomely. with enamel or transfers. Be sure to keep your color effect simple. For the children, small furni- ture can be quickly finished with color. Be sure to sand smooth, and use an enamel undercoat. The first coat must be quite dry before the second is applied. Sand between coats. Or broken toys can be repaired with little dif- ficulty, and renewed with new coats of bright hues. We like the industrious father who has been Working on one type of toy for a couple of years. He is providing his children with beautiful blocks in lovely colors. The pieces are mill ends of two ! ALLERGIC Ao RADAR ay AN BEADS N Ais + "YEAR THAVE ALWAYS TRIED TO CARRY OUT MY DUTIES FOR THE BEST POSSIBLE GOOD OF THE TOWNSHIP RESIDENTS. I PLEDGE MY- | SELF TO CONTINUE TO WORK FOR ALL OF | YOU AS I HAVE IN THE PAST. I ASK YOUR SUPPORT BY A VOTE FOR ME To My Trafalgar Friends: MY RECORD AS YOUR REEVE, DEPUTY- REEVE AND COUNCILLOR DURING THE PAST TEN YEARS STANDS AS MY BEST QUALIFICATION FOR REELECTION THIS by four that are cut into eight in- ch lengths (or they could be smaller for very little: children). In much the same way as mother picks up her knitting, father picks up a piece of wood in any spare Yoo Buy To Get Ready For A Party? THEN LET US QUOTE ON YOUR NEEDS! FANCY CAKES, COOKIES & SANDWICHES HORS D'OEUVRES Showers, Parties, Weddings, Special Occasions F MORGAN-BROWN CATERING SERVICE Phone Oakville 616421 moment and it very smooth, rubbing and rubbing un- til no corners or rough spots re- main that might hurt small hands. Then an enamel undercoater, and two coats of bright enamel. The resulting shiny pieces which are completely washable, delight the children. Father adds to the store of blocks for birthdays and other special occasions. Blackboards are another gift to please "small fry." An ade- quately sized piece of wallboard is painted with blackboard paint which is available at 'paint stor- es. Rings are placed at the top) back corners and screws are pro- vided for hanging the. board on the wall. With this gift should go a package of colored chalk. A pin-upboard version of this gift might be popular with teen- agers. The method here is to finish a piece of wallboard in enamel to make a bulletin board and here the girls can tack invit: ations, photos, appointment re. minders, etc. As it will probably hang in the bedroom, the color of the board will be determined by the hue of the bedroom wall, This board can haye a border of moulding, which could be in a contrasting color to that of the board. A box of thumb-tacks will complete this gift. Then for the gardening friend, a gift of tools painted in gay col- ors would be acceptable. Per- haps even stripes would be effect- ive as this would mean the tools would be easier to locate if left in the grass. If your grocer will let you have empty wooden lard pails, these lend themselves beautifully to decoration with paint and col- orful design for use as most ade- quate wastepaper baskets. A col or on the inside to contrast with that of the outside is effective. Then there's the thoughtful husband who is planning to dec- orate the bedroom as his Christ mas gift to the little woman. REGIMENTAL BY LIEUT. D. R. MACDONALD The annual dance which was held at the Oakville Armoury on the 17th of November, was a ter- riffic success. Lt. Murray Cor coran and his able assistants, are to be heartily congratulated on an excellent party. Among the many dignitaries present, were the Commanding Officer, Lt.-Col. J. R. Barbour and Mrs. Barbour, and his worship Mayor Black and Mrs. Black of Oakville. An enjoy- able time was had by all, and plans are already being made for an even greater party next time. Winter sports are coming to the foreground now with the ar- rival of colder weather. A regi- mental hockey schedule is being drawn up with competition keen between the various companies. Our own "B' Company has two games scheduled before the first of the New Year. One game is on the 10th of December in Georgetown and the other is on the 15th of December in Bramp- ton. We will keep you posted on future games as they are arrang- ed. Ski training also is anticipated for the New Year, if plans go ac- cording to schedule. This prom- ises to be of great interest to all in the company. ASK GREATER CARE WITH SERVICE MAIL A considerable quantity of mail for members of the Canadian Spe- cial Force is being received in the Canadian Base Post Office at Vancouver with the name of the addressee's unit left out of the address. The Canadian Base Post Office depends upon the inclusion of the name of the unit to enable the mail to be sorted into the proper "Unit" bag for despatch. Failure to include this important detail results in delay in delivery as each item must then be given dir- ectory service in an effort to lo- cate the addressee. Postmaster Bill Litchfield urges correspondents to take greater care in addressing mail to the members of the Special Force'| making sure the address is com: plete by the inclusion of the name of the addressee's unit. Carsten Glahn R.O. Optician Oakville Optometrist - 163 Colborne Street -- TELEPHONE 1375 -- OFFICE HOURS N Daily .... 9.00 to 5.30 Evenings Sat. .... 9.00 to 12.30 Mon. and Thurs. 7 to 8 Or By Appointment DAILY SERVICE TO ALL CANADIAN AND U.S.A. POINTS CHARTERED BUSES OFFER IDEAL SERVICE FOR ALL GROUP TRAVEL HALTON INN PHONE 600 4 Zl @ 3 2S 5 eS! 2% CR 29% CX 2S SK 2S BUY AND USE CHRISTMAS SEALS When you buy Christmas Seals you help to fight tuberculosis. Your dona- tions provide X-ray units, mass exami- nations, laboratory research, patient rehabilitation and public education. Your purchase of seals provides funds for the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis in your own town or city. Join your community drive to stamp out TB! Buy and use Christmas Seals +. . and show your "Good Citizenship". Sotoetedes SOROS ZEEE BRADING [of--H C1 : TA VET CCH Ottawa :9,°0.9°0.0, 59:,0.0.0. KES > SRI 2090S XXX % SERRRRRRERS This series of advertisements is make your community the best

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