Oakville-Trafalgar Journal, 30 Nov 1950, p. 12

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THE OAKVILLE-TRAFALGAR JOURNAL INSURANCE ELECTRICAL T. S. H. GILES Real Estate and Insurance 139 Colborne Street East Oakville - - - - Phone 532 19 Melinda St. Toronto - - - Adelaide 2761 Evenings - - - Oakville 712 GENERAL INSURANCE H. S. THORNTON Phone 874 Lakeshore West, Oakville A. F. BERRILL "Qakville's Active Broker" Real Estate and Business Broker Insurance Oakville, Ont., Phone 1233 PROFESSIONAL GARSTEN GLAHN, R.O. OPTOMERIST - OPTICIAN Professional and Technical Services essential to eye care HOURS: Daily 9.00 to 5.30 Sat. 9.00 to 12.30 Mon. & Thurs. eve. 7.00-8.00 163 COLBORNE ST. E. PHONE 1375 Be ET nl WILLIAM C. MILLIGAN, R.O. Optometrist * Optician 69A Colborne St. Oakville, Ont. (Over the Bank of Commerce) Professional eye examination & prescription services, TELEPHONE 1507 Closed All Day Wednesday HOURS: Daily 9.30 am.-5 pam. Thursday evening--7.00-8.00 p.m. BY MAX TRELL INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL Hanid the shadow-girl with the DOMESTIC turned-about name had called the black kitten several timeg "Purr Purr!" she called. But instead of coming, Purr Purr ran down the back steps. She rolled and tumb- Jed down the hill to the bottom of the path that led into the blackberry patch. And finally she started climbing up the trunk of ELECTRICAL SERVICE BROWN ELECTRIC CONTRACTORS Gord Brown Phone 1059 Oakville BILL ANDERSON RADIO - APPLIANCES a tree. But Hanid seized her and Sales & Service held her tightly in her arms, and brought her back to the house. Phone 521-M "Now my dear," said Hanid as she held Purr Purr in her lap, "why didn't you come when I cal- led you? Why did you run away? Answer me, Purr Purr!" Hanid looked straight into Purr Purr's eyes, and Purr Purr look- ed straight back into Hanid's eyes. Only Purr Purr didn't an- swer. She didn't say a word. She just purred. Another Name Dunn St. North - Oakville L. F. CLEMENT HOME ELECTRIC AUTHORIZED FRIGIDAIRE DEALER Commercial Sales & Service Livingston Stoker and Oil Burner Units Service & Installation of all "Perhaps," said Hanid after Makes waiting for quite a while, "per- WORK GUARANTEED haps, darling, you don't like your PHONE 1441 name? I mean, the name Purr Purr. Don't you care for it? 16 THOMAS ST. N. GENERAL ELECTRIC Oil Burners Commercial Refrigeration Sales & Installation Would you like another name?" Purr Purr didn't say whether she liked her name or mot, or whether she wanted another name. But Hanld went on: "I met two kittens a few days One of them was named A. C. PENN ago. 94 Maple Ave. Phone 1544 | Peek, and the other was named Oakville Aboo. Together they were called Peek-Aboo. Now would you like to be called Peek or Aboo?" Purr Purr remained silent. ORVILLE NEAL Domestic & Commercial ELECTRICAL Hanid continued: "Then there CONTRACTING was another kitten named Puff, Fixtures, Ranges, Tanks who used to live in a house on 37 STEWART ST. W. (Phone 1805-R after 5.30) ROOFING the other side of the bridge. 'When she went to sleep, which she did quite often, she would curl up like a puff of wool. She or by intment NICHOL'S ROOFING OAKVILLE New roofs & Old roofs applied ANIMAL CLINIC Insul-Bric siding & Asbetos siding W. A. CAMPBELL, D.V.M. Insulation Materials ; Eaves Troughing = LE BE Materials supplied & sold Maurice Dr. Phone 452W Peter P. Nichols If No Answer Call 1276W o OFFICE HOURS 1 to 8 -- 7 to 9 Sunday & Other Hours By Appointment was a very pretty, very happy kitten, Purr Purr and she always answered when you called 'her. Would you like the name Puff?" Hanid lifted Purr Purr up just to make sure that she was listen- ing. Purr Purr was listening all right. Hanid thought that Purr Purr was shaking her head. "I suppose you don't ike the name Puff much either, do you? Well, let's think of some other New Phone 2544 Burlington Oakville 1445 88 CLARKE AVE., BURLINGTON (Estimates Given) CHIROPRACTOR NURSERIES REPAIRS LE WAGDOUGNLL DC. | ROSL.NELSEN ro) pe of commer oftins Hous: Garden Design and Landscape and domestic refrigerators oats a Thursday Contracting and electric ranges. 9.30 a.m. - 8.30 p.m. TREKS -- SHRUBS -- ROSES PARTS & SERVICE Saturday 9.00 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. EVERGREENS GUARANTEED Other hours by appointment. We Grow - Design - Plant E. W. BURBIDGE 61 A COLBORNE ST. Prune - ete. 136 Robinson St. OAKVILLE TELEPHONE 146 OSTEOPATH CARLTON GREEN Osteopath 63 Division Street By Appointment Only. Phone 826 Evenings, Wednesday After- noon, Saturday and Sunday. Another Name for Purr Purr HANID THOUGHT UMEOW! WAS APPROPRIATE { Purr Purr looked up at Hanid names. Would you like the name George? No? What about the name Gingerbread, or Daisy, or Buttercup or Whiskers?" Here Purr Purr suddenly tried to spring out of Hanid's lap. Hanid caught her just in time. "I'm sorry, Purr Purr, if the name Whiskers got you angry. But you have got whiskers, you know--quite long and beautiful ones." Hanid sighed. It really was hard thinking up another name for Purr Purr. At this Purr Pury went meow. Name Changed For Complete Automobile Service DROP IN AT EDDIE'S GARAGE WHITE ROSE, SERVICE STATION 69 Colborne St. W. Telephone 1106 Nelson Crushed Stone Various Sizes of Clear and Crusher Run Stone for Roads and Driveways ° INFORMATION AND QUOTATIONS PHONE Oakville 694 or Burlington 4904 "Meow?" Hanid "Did you mean that you want your name changed to Meow? It's real- ly quite a cute sort of mame for a kitten. And it would do very well for a cat, too. You are going to grow up to be a cat, Purr Purr, even though youre only a Kitten now. Very well, Ill call you Meow from now on. And Ill tell every- one that your name has been changed." Hanid put Meow down on the porch and was just going in to tell everyone about the change of name when she turned around to see the kitten starting down the steps again. "Now," she said to herself, "Ill see how well she obeys mow! Meow!" Hanid call ed out. "Come back, dear! Come here, Meow!" But Meow, instead of coming back, simply ran off faster. She rolled and tumbled down the hill to the bottom of the path that led to the blackberry patch. "Meow!" shouted Hanid, dashing after her. But it did no good. She was try- ing to climb up the trunk of a tree before Hanid finally seized her again, Poor Hanid! She sighed as she carried the Kitten back to the house. "It doesn't do any good calling you Meow. I might just as well keep on calling you Purr Purr. You don't answer to your Telephone 1423W Oakville D. G. PENMAN Rugs, Carpets and Upholstered Furniture Cleaned In Your Own Home. Portable Equipment -- Satisfact- ion Guaranteed Oakville R.R. 1 Phone 1444-W LINBROOK NURSERIES Growers of High Quality Nursery Stock Designers of Fine Gardens -- Contracting -- EIGHTH LINE N. Phone 137J BARRISTERS OAKVILLE NURSERIES |!08 Kerr (N.) Phone 1535 Evergreens, Shrubs, Beddi i Be A. S. WRIGHT Landscaping -- Fruits BUILDER Lakeshore Highway W. ALTERATIONS an ANGUS McMILLAN Barrister -- Solicitor Notary Public 107 Colborne Street Bast Telephone Oakville 532 ROSS RYRIE Barrister - Solicitor Notary Public 61-A Coihorne St. East = Telephones _ ~~Cffice 65: Residence 1487-w D. A. McCONACHIE Barrister - Solicitor Notary Public 1 Reynolds St. N. Telephone Oasville 1304 REPAIR WORK PHONE 1309-W Phonte Bronte 56W WM. SEALE Custom Tractor Work Wood Sawing, Plowing, Discing, Etc. TOWING "Equipped To Look After Your Phone 224-W Towing Needs" BUILDING AL. JOHNSON 24-Hour Towing and CHAS. WATT Road Service Local Representative J. Cooke Limited CONCRETE BLOCKS- Aldershot, Ont. Phone 386J3 Anywhere--Anytime Telephones 783-J : 783-W 71 REBECCA ST, OAKVILLE, ONT. new name any better than you did to your old ome. So youll just have to keep on being Purr Purr, even though. you don't obey!" WHERE, OH WHERE? An afternoon newspaper Te- marks that a certain amount of money spent by a school board was a grant from the province and the rest was raised "by tax- [enn Where did the province get the money to make the grant in the first place?" A WELCH VILLAGE HAS ONE oF AHL LONGEST NAMES INAHE WORLD. If 15 "LLANFAIR® HEADRINGS . ROCK CRYSTALS | ROPES OF CARNELIAN BEADS AND ORNAMENTS oF METAL ADORK iis WOMAN DANCER OF ASSAM 1X INDIA. Cope 199g Tews Sycar o. Wetld 10 cere {LERS-AsiLoS SYHDRare THE OLD HOME TOWN smemistramoss POOEY! YOU OUGHTER SEE OUR SET -IT HAS SUPERSON ACROBATIC --NON-VACILLATING By STANLEY. PUSH BUTTON CONTROL-- WITH DYNAMIC VOLUME --AROMATIC DE-FROSTING ANTENNA-- BESIDES ITS BIGGER THAN YOURS == Formerly with T. Eaton & Co. and Ryrie Birks. All repairs done in Oakville, located in Mc- Dermott's, Opp. Bank of Toronto A. MARCHAND -- THE BELITTLER Fr R THROWS HIS SA Cote 1950, King Fears Syne ne. Word ugha eared. XT WEIGHT AROUND -- Tr! 117 TURNBULL & HOLDRIDGE 'Building Contractors WILLY DEE By Vic Green Concrete - Masonry JOHN F. ISARD Barrister -- Solici Blockwork on I DON'T). DON'T | HOPE. YOU DO} [" STOP - IRCUT WI al 2 15780 - OAKVILLE . 903) | ile yaie Ho ave | [Be dameris (| Wore) ORONTO - PL FINISHED? SOU'A N Plaza 5491 S OND! Ci Notary Public Successor to W. N. Robinson, K.C. 142 Colborne St. East Phones: Bus. 15 JACK A. SEED Barrister-Solicitor Notary Public 27 Park Avenue Telephone 1237-R Res. 216 FLOOR SERVICE BRONTE FLOOR SERVICE LINOLEUM FLOORS LAID LINO-MASTIC-RUBBER TILE PHONE BRONTE 184 W. H.. PARKIN Floor Sanding & Refinishing Phone 1058-W ACCOUNTING THERE! ITS FINED? THEN HERE'S YOUR REFUND! D. HAMILTON-WRIGHT, C.A. above Russell's Drug Store hone 1339 MUGGS AND SKEETER THIS IS GRANDMAS fi Pl Toronto Office, 365 Yonge St, Phone 4704 Port Credit Office, 2 Lakeshore Road B,. Phone Port Credit 4981 C. L. OLIVER AND CO. Accounting and Auditing Business Systems Installed Income Tax Returns 36 Colborne St. E. P. O. Box 402 Ham. 7-5452 : Oakville 1268 3 ...A FINE KETTLE OF FISHY AX WE DO ALL THE WORK..AND EVERYBODY GETS A HUNDRED DOLL SEAT. BUT

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